Plan Options

In order to meet campus dining needs,  two meal plans are offered for the academic year 2023-24:  The Unlimited Dining Plan and the 15 Meals per Week Plan. All students housed on campus are required to purchase one of these meal plans.  To purchase a meal plan, or if you would like to make a change to the plan you have already selected, simply contact the Paul Smiths College Student Accounts Office. If you have any questions, please call the Dining Services office at 518-327-6220.

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Unlimited Dining Plan

The Unlimited Dining Plan offers students all you care to eat-in dining with unlimited access to the Lakeside Dining Room at the student center during posted hours of operation with a "swipe" of your meal card upon entry. Students housed in dorms other than the Upper and Lower Saint Regis Dorms, and the Overlook Dorm are required to purchase this plan.

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15 Meal Plan

The 15 Meal per Week Plan.  Students housed in the Upper and Lower Saint Regis dorms and the Overlook dorm have access to kitchens may purchase this plan.  The 15 Plan provides 15 meal card swipes per week under the same conditions of the Unlimited Dining Plan.
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Bobcat Bucks

One can purchase items with cash or with Bobcat Bucks. Bobcat Bucks are a declining balance account on their meal card. A student can purchase and maintain Bobcat Bucks through the Student Accounts Office.

Ecoware Program

How it Works

Purchase a reusable to-go container from the cashier at the Lakeside Dining Hall for a one-time charge of $5.  When you wish to "swipe" a breakfast or lunch meal to-go at the Lakeside Dining Hall, you will be issued a reusable, eco-friendly to-go container to fill with whatever is served in the dining room; the only limit is that the container must be able to close after you fill it!  The container is sized for easy carry and backpacks.  

Take your meal and go!  The next time you return to the dining hall and wish to take food to-go, return your container to the cashier, and you will be issued a clean/sanitized container to use the next time you wish to take food to-go.  Ecoware is convenient for those who are on tight schedules and provides a safe, sanitary container that reduces packaging waste and our carbon foot-print; go green!

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Commuter 25/50 Block Plan

This plan is for anyone who does not live on campus and is voluntary.  The plan offers all you care to eat-in dining at  the Lakeside Dining Room at the student center during posted hours of operation with a "swipe" of your meal card upon entry to the dining room.  You can purchase blocks of 25 or 50 swipes.